So you’ve decided you want to go in for a fresh look and want to try out a short bob style. But you are not very keen to chop off those long tresses! So what’s the best way out?

We have the solution.

Head over to Paula Young and try out some of their fantastic short bob wigs. They come in a variety of different shapes, designs, and styles and will be just the right thing for you. 

The short bob is an iconic hairstyle. It looks great and has the benefit of being simple to manage and easy to maintain. The short bob is versatile - you can have a curly bob, a straight bob, a layered bob, a colored bob - the sky’s the limit.

We’ve gone through their collection of short bobs and picked out three styles that are a must-try this season.

The Sophia Wig

Bob Wigs

The Sophia Wig by Paula Young is one of our favorite short bobs. This shoulder length wig is perfect for you if you want a natural looking wig. This short bob comes in a variety of colors so you can match it to your skin tone and create a bunch of different looks. The layered cut adds a dimension of volume and gives the illusion of movement and bounce that simply wins it.

This modern and contemporary piece is heat friendly and can be styled using your regular heat based straighteners and curling irons.

If you want to try out a short bob, the Sophia wig from Paula Young is a great choice.

The Jazz Bob Wig